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02/25/2016, 11:30pm CST
By Staff

Winning Gold!

The last couple weeks has been very busy with AP teams prepping for the National Qualifier season thats starts this weekend in Boston with our 18's, Good Luck Ladies!

Congrats to the following AP teams for a great showing!!

12 Clutch-1st Place - Central Texas Draw
12 TKO-2nd Place - Wimberley Showdown
12 Kiraly-3rd Place - AP#4
13 Tsunami-2nd Place - AP#4
13 Hays-2nd Place - AP#4
13 Riptide-Silver Bracket Champs - AP#4
14 Juggernaut-Silver Bracket Champs - CCC
14 Samurai-Silver Bracket Champs Playing up in 15's - LSCS
15 Barracudas-4th Place - AP#4
17 Eclectic-2nd Place Playing up in 18's - Volleyball Showcase
17 Extreme-1st Place - ASC#5
18 Viper-1st Place - Volleyball Showcase

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