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AP Lite Info

AP Lite Info



AP Lite is designed to benefit the multi-sport athlete which will allow players to balance other sports and academics while continuing to play longer than their school seasons. We understand that club can be a huge time and financial obligation and our goal is to provide every student athlete with an opportunity to participate. It also serves as an excellent entry program for girls just beginning their volleyball passion.


  • AP Lite South/Central will practice at West Lake Athletic Center and St. Michaels Athletic Center
  • AP Lite WilCo will practice at Round Rock Sports Center and Premier Athletic Complex
  • AP Lite HilCo will practice out of Lake Travis HS or MS


  • Sunday practices begin the first Sunday in January after the holiday break. That falls on Sunday, Jan 3rd 2021.
  • An additional weeknight practice is added the first week in February (or last week in January contingent on when February 1st lands) through April. Those practices are typically on Tuesday or Wednesday and occasionally slotted for Mondays.
  • 4-5 1 Day Tournaments are scheduled February - April and are typically on Saturdays. We will not be able to tell you those dates until after team selections are made because coaches choose their own tournament schedule. 
  • Final tournament will be Regionals. It is a 2 day tournament and the dates are typically held the last weekend in April and first 2 weekends of May by age groups:
    • 12s: TBD
    • 15s, 16s and 17s: TBD
    • 13s and 14s: TBD
    • 10s & 11s will NOT participate at Regionals


What Can I Expect at Tryouts?

14, 15, 16 and 17u Lite Program:

A 1 day tryout to evaluate and place girls on teams according to skill and position. Typically 2-3 teams are made at each age group depending on how many register. We try and find a place for everyone, however, it is possible not everyone makes a team.

10 , 11, 12 and 13u Lite Team Selection:

For the 10U - 12U and 13U programs, AP Lite offers an extended evaluation series called WINTER CAMP (dates/times/locations can be found HERE). We know that at this age some girls have had minimal experience with the sport, mostly in recreational leagues. The 5 week pre-season practice/clinic will be used to train and evaluate the girls to place them on teams based on skill.

10s, 11s & 12s Tournaments 

10s, 11s & 12s will participate in 2-3 "In House" Tournaments designed to teach them how to play in a USAV sanctioned tournament. These will comprise of pool play only, but run just like a regular tournament. The idea is so the some teams can learn to score/ref, how to call lines and potentially have modified serving lines so that the players and teams can be set up for success for later in the season.

What does this mean for the first day of Tryouts ?
On day 1 we will run each participant through a series of physical testing and evaluate each player, however, we will not place anyone on teams. Day 1 consists of contract signing, registration and uniform try-ons. Contracts and Registration for the program must be completed and a deposit paid to participate in the 5 week program. There will be no fees for the clinic, they are included in your club dues. 

Do I need to stay for the November 3rd tryouts?

All Parents: There will be a parent Q&A at the beginning of the session that you will want to hear if this is your first Lite experience. For the younger age groups (10s, 11s, 12s and 13s) we will try to release the girls in waves to try-on uniforms and you may get started on the registration forms immediately after the Q&A. 

What is the evaluation schedule?

Please see WINTER CAMPS for details

Does my daughter have to make every Winter Camp date?
If your daughter has to miss, that is OK, however, the more times she attends, the better her skills will become and we will better evaluate her. 

What do we have to pay  to join?
The total due for the season is $1900 - $2295. The deposit will be $500 due upon signing in November.

See PAYMENT DETAILS for full season cost information

What do our dues cover?

Your dues cover Winter Camp and all expenses for the club season; backpack, socks, spandex, uniforms, practice shirts, tournament entry fees, coaches pay and facility fees. What they do not cover is food at tournaments or any travel expenses including hotel for the final tournament.

My daughter is younger than 11 years old can she tryout for 11u?
Yes! There is not a 10u tournament series so depending on her skill level and knowledge of the game, we will be offering a club and/or league format for our younger players to properly learn how to compete before entering them into club tournaments. 

What is AP Lite HilCo or WilCo?
WilCo (short for Williamson County) Practices will be at the PAC and RRSC.

HilCo (short for Hill Country) will practice out of Lake Travis HS and MS.

AP Lite South/Central will practice at the SMACC & WACC


Tentatively scheduled for Sunday, November 8th at WACC. Registration will be available in October.

2020-2021 Age Definitions

Need More Information?

Contact AP Lite Director Nichole Adams